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Donaldson® Torit® Completes Family Of High Performance Downflo® Oval 1™ Dust Collectors

14 May, 2002
Donaldson Company, Inc.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440

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Three new smaller footprints round out offering of unparalled technology that increases collection efficiency up to 25 percent.

MINNEAPOLIS, May 14 — Donaldson Torit has added three smaller footprints (1-1, 2-2 and 3-3) to its Downflo® Oval 1™ dust collector line, allowing a new universe of manufacturers to further improve the air quality at their operations while conserving valuable floor space. The new footprints complete Donaldson Torit's Downflo Oval 1 product family, which was introduced in larger footprints (up to 4-128) in August 2000.

Like the larger Downflo Oval 1 footprints, the new smaller systems enlist Donaldson Torit's patented oval-shaped cartridge filter technology that provides up to 25 percent more collection capacity than same-sized collectors with conventional round cartridges. As a result, manufacturers who don't require the capacity of a medium or large collector can now enjoy increased collection efficiency, easier maintenance and a greater value with a Downflo Oval 1 dust collector. These manufacturers will also benefit from additional features that are unique to the smaller Downflo Oval 1 dust collectors.

"The smaller footprint design allowed us to incorporate several technical enhancements that make our smaller Downflo Oval 1 collectors even more unobtrusive and user-friendly," said Petra Meinke, Downflo Oval 1 product manager.

The new smaller Downflo Oval 1 collectors have a dedicated integral power pack and control system that allows extremely simple "plug-and-play" operation from any indoor electrical outlet. A high performance power pack mounted internally at the base of the collector, in combination with a built-in exhaust silencer, offers the lowest sound rating in the industry. In addition, the smaller Downflo Oval 1 collectors are built for mobility and can be easily moved to maximize floor space. These smaller footprints also incorporate the unique, high performance elements that distinguish the entire Downflo Oval 1 family from conventional cartridge dust collectors, such as:

Oval 1™ cartridge filters —Donaldson Torit's patented oval-shaped cartidge filters clean and filter more efficiently and last longer than conventional circular-shaped cartridge filters. The oval-shaped cartridge provides more space between filters than circular cartridges, which lowers velocity and reduces filter abrasion. Narrower cartridge width and convex side panels expand the cross-sectional flow area in the collector up to 76 percent, resulting in equal or even reduced cabinet velocities.

Ultra-Web® filter media — Donaldson Torit's exclusive Ultra-Web nanofiber filter media traps even submicron dust particles on the surface of the filter, making dust easier to expel than conventional depth-loading cellulose, polyester or cellulose/polyester blend media. Ultra-Web cartridge filters have shorter, stiff pleats that won't collapse under pressure or trap dust, providing the longest filter life and highest filtration efficiency. With less dust trapped on the filters, the system uses fewer cartridges and can be configured in smaller, more compact footprints.

ExtraLife™ pulse cleaning — Donaldson Torit's proprietary computer-modeled ExtraLife Filter Cleaning System more easily "pulses off" dust from the surface of the filter, improving filtration efficiency and prolonging filter life. To add even more power and efficiency to Downflo Oval 1, Donaldson Torit has enhanced the technology to increase pulse-cleaning pressure by up to 30 percent.

Easy access quick-release handles — A newly designed quick-release access clamp on the front of each cover allows fast and easy filter maintenance with just one movement of the clamp.

Donaldson Torit designs, manufactures and markets in-plant air filtration and pollution control systems and replacement products that help eliminate dangerous dust, fume and mist contaminants from your workplace. Donaldson Torit is a part of the Donaldson Company, a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts.

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