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Donaldson Company Introduces "Twice The Distance" Air Filtration Product Guarantee

26 October, 2001
Padilla Speer Beardsley Inc.
224 Franklin Avenue West
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
Donaldson Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 1299
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440
Patty Hoffman
(612) 872-3781
Janice Kovala
(866) 484-8329


MINNEAPOLIS, October 26 — Donaldson Company, a leading manufacturer of filtration systems and replacement parts, is providing a written guarantee with its DONALDSON ENDURANCE™ air filters. Donaldson guarantees on-road heavy-duty vehicle owners and operators twice the filter distance compared to their current cellulose air filter or they will supply a new filter at no charge.

DONALDSON ENDURANCE air filters, available in a variety of models and sizes for original on-road equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket, provide comprehensive engine protection and the longest filter life available in the industry. By installing DONALDSON ENDURANCE air filtration products, with a guarantee to double the miles between air filter changes, on-road owners and operators minimize equipment downtime and long-term operating costs.

Utilizing its patent pending Eon® nanofiber filtration technology, DONALDSON ENDURANCE filters protect engines against a variety of environmental contaminants, including dust, dirt, carbon, soot and oil mist. This media technology captures sub-micron contaminants on the surface of the filter media rather than dispersing contaminants throughout the depth of the filter, where there is less area for airflow. Traditional media typically filters only one particular contaminant and particles flow deeper into the filter media, restricting airflow.

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